BiancaVirginia-147 Left: Bianca and Virginia at the theater

We are a part of “The Dying Movie Race.” This means we watch movies that the general public refuses to touch whether it be because they are black-and-white, silent, foreign, etc. We seek out others with an interest for classic movies in order to share our information. If you are a member of “The Dying Movie Race” or have an interest in becoming a member then please check out the site.

We are twins that love classic movies. We hope this aspect about us will help give movies and other themes a different outlook. We like a lot of the same movies but we have different opinions and ideas. For example, Virginia has a stronger background in classic foreign movies while Bianca has a soft spot for cheesy action movies which Virginia never really got into. We both respect and understand the other one’s opinions and we hope to share our differences as well as our many similarities with everyone. Just because we are identical twins that both love classic movies does not mean we are the same person.

“Film lovers are sick people.” ~Francois Truffaut, noted filmmaker and film lover

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  1. I was raised in NYC and love films. I enjoy your page of wonderful movies and commentary. Please place me on your email and Twitter page.


    1. Glad you like reading our posts! We love writing them! You would have to follow us by clicking the follow button on our WordPress blog and follow us on Twitter by looking up “The Dying Movie Race” or @DyingMovieRace. We are not allowed to manually add followers ourselves on either site. By following us on WordPress you receive an e-mail whenever a new post comes up (which is every day sans Saturdays) but we always post our new blog posts on Twitter as well right when they post. Thanks for your kind words and support!


  2. Really like the site. My twin sons and I have a blog http://trophyunlocked.blogspot.com/ on which we review videogames and movies, including older classic films, which is my specialty. We also have a comic book, Powers Squared, which is about twin brothers with superpowers. As part of that, we do a newsletter. Since we’re powered by our creative twins, we like to spotlight other creative twins and we wondering if we could feature the two of you. If you’re interested, you can write to me at info@powerssquaredcomicbook.com. If you want to see the comic book you can check it out at powerssquaredcomicbook.com. We hope to hear from you soon.


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