Weekly TCM Suggestions: 11/25 2019 – 12/1 2019

Virginia’s Suggestions:

The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) Monday 11/25 12:00 AM

Passion of Joan of Arc

Iconic silent film from Carl Theodor Dreyer stars Maria Falconetti in the title role and in an unforgettable performance. The film details the last hours of Joan of Arc during her trial and her torturous death.

Green for Danger (1946) Monday 11/25 11:30 AM

Green for Danger

Excellent British whodunit with Alastair Sim playing an inspector who is investigating a death in an operating room that might have been murder. Brilliant cast of actors and characters in film which smoothly combines thrills with humor and wit.

The Scapegoat (1959) Tuesday 11/26 3:45 PM


Alec Guinness has a dual role as two lookalikes and what happens when they switch places when one has murder on his mind. The script could have used some tuning, but the film is worth seeing for Bette Davis in a small role as Guinness’s druggie mother.

Sitting Pretty (1948) Thursday 11/28 8:00 PM

Sitting Pretty

Classic comedy is the first film in which Clifton Webb plays Mr. Belvedere who is hired to help Robert Young and Maureen O’Hara with watching their children. Funny and easygoing film can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) Sunday 12/1 12:15 AM & 10:00 AM

Mask of Dimitrios

One of Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre’s films together is a mystery where they look into the death of a noted scoundrel. Zachary Scott is marvelously caddish in his film debut playing the man whose death is being investigated.


Bianca’s Suggestions:

le silence de la mer

Le Silence de la Mer (1949): 11/25, 2:00AM: Poetic French classic was the first feature film for Jean-Pierre Melville. The story is of a French family who resist the Nazi officer staying with them during the occupation through silence but find themselves beginning to care as he becomes disillusioned. For fans of: great French directors, films about the French occupation, and WWII homefront stories.

green for danger 2

Green for Danger (1946): 11/25, 11:30AM: Excellent British classic starring the great Alistair Sim as a detective assigned to cover a murder during the war in a hospital where a group of doctors are all suspects, including Trevor Howard and Sally Gray. For fans of: British mysteries, Sim leads, and stories on the homefront during war.

thing from another world

The Thing From Another World (1951): 11/25, 10:15PM: One of the finest sci-fi films of the ‘50s concerns a group of military men in the Antarctic who discover an alien from another world, who becomes a danger to them when one of the scientists cares more about discovery than safety. For fans of: sci-fis of the Cold War era, James Arness before TV, and Howard Hawks.

payment on demand

Payment on Demand (1951): 11/26, 10:30AM: Fine Bette Davis vehicle has her play a selfish woman whose husband (Barry Sullivan) is ready to leave her as she recalls their life through the years and how she became embittered and lost his affections. For fans of: Warner Bros. star vehicles, family sagas, and films studying marriage.

mask of dimitrios

The Mask of Dimitrios (1944): 12/01, 12:15AM and 10:00AM: Film noir stars Peter Lorre as a man who becomes fascinated with the story of a dead man, Dimitrios, and goes around to the people who knew him trying to find out what happened to him. Zachary Scott plays the title man in his film debut. For fans of: flashback noirs, Greenstreet and Lorre teamings, and Jean Negulesco direction.

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