Weekly TCM Suggestions: 11/18 2019 – 11/24 2019

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Tokyo Chorus (1931) Monday 11/18 12:00 AM

Tokyo Chorus

Yasujiro Ozu’s silent comedy/drama about an insurance company worker who stands up for an older employee which leads to him being fired and facing unemployment despite having a family. Clearly inspired by King Vidor’s The Crowd (1928).

Big City Blues (1932) Monday 11/18 7:45 AM

Big City Blues

Typically enjoyable Warner Bros. fast-paced pre-code programmer has Eric Lindon play a country bumpkin who comes to New York City and discovers the harshness of city life. Humphrey Bogart appears uncredited in a small but pretty important role.

The Stork Club (1945) Monday 11/18 6:15 PM

Stork Club

Fun Betty Hutton musical comedy benefits from her big personality and has her play a working woman who suddenly becomes rich after saving a millionaire (Barry Fitzgerald). Hutton sings the catchy “Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief” in this one.

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962) Thursday 11/21 9:45 AM

Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

Well-produced biography on the lives of the two Grimm brothers who decide to write the fairytales they hear passed around. The film has a few interludes where the fairytales are showcased and acted out by a few stars.

Beauty and the Beast (1946) Thursday 11/21 4:30 PM

Beauty and the Beast

One of the most magical films ever made is Jean Cocteau’s version of the classic fairytale including a captivating castle and some impressive make-up from Jean Marais as the beast. Visually impressive and still emotional today despite many retellings.


Bianca’s Suggestions:

king and the chorus girl

The King and the Chorus Girl (1937): 11/18, 6:00AM: Fun romantic comedy starring Fernand Gravey as a former king who lives humbly in New York City. He falls in love with snappy chorus girl, Joan Blondell. For fans of: ‘30s romantic comedies, Blondell characterizations, and films about nobility.

stork club 2

The Stork Club (1945): 11/18, 6:15PM: Betty Hutton vehicle has her save the life of Barry Fitzgerald and he proves his gratitude by giving her a fortune, which results in a bunch of complications, such as her performing at The Stork Club. For fans of: Hutton songs, Paramount musical comedies, and Fitzgerald leads.

adventures of don juan

Adventures of Don Juan (1948): 11/18, 10:15PM: Perfect vehicle for Errol Flynn combines swashbuckling fun with humor as Flynn plays the title character, who courts many women, including the lovely Queen. For fans of: Flynn swashbucklers, Raymond Burr villains, and Warner Bros. period pieces.

upper world

Upper World (1934): 11/22, 12:45PM: Pre-code drama starring the king of them, Warren William. He plays a married man who feels ignored and falls for chorus girl, Ginger Rogers, who he keeps in an apartment. For fans of: Warner Bros. pre-codes, William vehicles, and Rogers pre-superstardom.

plymouth adventure

Plymouth Adventure (1952): 11/23, 2:00PM: Sweeping MGM costumer about the plight of pilgrims coming to America in the Mayflower and the different stories of the crew and the passengers intermingling. For fans of: historical epics, big cast lists, and Thanksgiving holiday films.

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