Weekly TCM Suggestions: 11/11 2019 – 11/17 2019

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Mamma Roma (1962) Monday 11/11 3:45 AM

Mamma Roma

Anna Magnani has one of her most notable roles in this Pier Paolo Pasolini film about a middle-aged prostitute who brings her teenage son to live in the city with her. Well-directed and Magnani’s fiery performance does not distract from the supporting cast of non-professionals.

God Is My Co-Pilot (1945) Monday 11/11 3:15 PM

God Is My Co-Pilot

Dramatically not always successful film about an American flyer who aides the Flying Tigers during WWII and sets his sights on taking down a Japanese enemy pilot. The film is at its best during its scenes in the air and its well-made dogfights.

Bordertown (1935) Tuesday 11/12 7:45 AM


Good early performance from Bette Davis has her as an unhappy wife of Eugene Pallette who sets her sights on his business partner Paul Muni. The film is really about Muni (also good like always) as a former lawyer who tries to escape from his seedy world.

Marked Woman (1937) Tuesday 11/12 6:15 PM

Marked Woman

Humphrey Bogart plays a district attorney who takes on the mob by trying to get nightclub hostesses to put the finger on their boss. Naturally, this leads to some pushback from the gangsters. Nice and believable performances from the entire cast.

Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) Sunday 11/17 1:45 AM

Drums Along the Mohawk

Top-notch film taking place during the Revolutionary War filled with action, romance, drama, comedy, and all the ingredients it takes to make a thoroughly enjoyable film. Edna May Oliver steals the movie as a headstrong widow.


Bianca’s Suggestions:

god is my co-pilot

God Is My Co-Pilot (1945): 11/11, 3:15PM: Dennis Morgan stars as the real-life war hero who would take down Tokyo Joe. The film shows his home life and the camaraderie he has with his fellow flyers. For fans of: Warner Bros. war films, air force stories, and Warner Bros. stock players.


Dangerous (1935): 11/12, 9:15AM: Bette Davis won her first Oscar as a former Broadway star who has since become an alcoholic has-been until Franchot Tone decides to help her. It doesn’t take long for Davis to fall for him. For fans of: Oscar-winning performances, early Davis vehicles, and films about actors.

black narcissus

Black Narcissus (1947): 11/13, 6:15PM: One of the most striking films done by Powell and Pressburger stars Deborah Kerr as a nun who goes to a church in the middle of India. While there, she and her fellow nuns find themselves forgetting their sacred vows. For fans of: beautiful Technicolor, Sabu, and great British classics.

Colbert And Fonda

Drums Along the Mohawk (1939): 11/17, 1:45AM: John Ford fun with Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert playing husband and wife settlers during the Revolutionary War days of America as the film shows both their struggles and happiness. For fans of: Ford with Fonda, Edna May Oliver, and early Americana.

boys night out

Boys’ Night Out (1962): 11/17, 4:00PM: Sex comedy starring James Garner, Tony Randall, Howard Duff, and Howard Morris as four men (three of which who are married) that want to set up a bachelor apartment with Kim Novak. But she has other plans. For fans of: sex farces of the ‘60s, Hudson-Day styled humor, and character actors.

2 thoughts on “Weekly TCM Suggestions: 11/11 2019 – 11/17 2019

    1. I merely meant that often times mixing professional and non-professional acting styles can be distracting to the viewer, but Mamma Roma is one of those times where that mixture doesn’t create problems immersing the viewer. Don’t see how that is back-handed. I didn’t mean for it to come across that way. ~Virginia


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