Weekly TCM Suggestions: 11/4 2019 – 11/10 2019

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Closely Watched Trains (1966) Monday 11/4 4:00 AM

Closely Watched Trains

Famous Czech film and Academy Award winner tells the tragic story of an adolescent male who suffers from sexual inadequacy. The young man also works at a railroad station during WWII where one of his co-workers is a member of the resistance.

The Woman in White (1948) Monday 11/4 2:15 PM

Woman in White

Gig Young is sent to a mansion as a tutor where he discovers some mysterious going-ons in this gothic feature. Eleanor Parker steals the film in a dual role both as a young woman living in the mansion and her look-alike that Young encounters throughout the film.

Fog Over Frisco (1934) Tuesday 11/5 9:30 PM

Fog Over Frisco

Fast and easy-going crime feature with Margaret Lindsay trying to solve who killed her sister Bette Davis. One of Davis’s early roles also gives her one of her best early performances as a party girl who gets too comfortable with gangsters.

The Millionaire (1931) Thursday 11/7 7:30 AM


George Arliss vehicle has him as his charismatic self when he plays a rich man that is forced to retire leading him to be bored with his life, so he enters the gas station business with David Manners. James Cagney shows up for one scene and immediately shows his star power.

Smart Money (1931) Thursday 11/7 10:15 AM

Smart Money

The only film to co-star Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney with Robinson as a gambling boss with a thing for blondes and Cagney as his subordinate friend. Film is really a Robinson vehicle, but both gangster stars are good and seem right at home.


Bianca’s Suggestions:


Suddenly (1954): 11/05, 2:00AM: Frank Sinatra gives one of his best performances as an emotionally unbalanced hitman who is on a mission to take out the President. While doing so, he keeps people hostage in a small-town house. For fans of: singing stars in dramatic roles, hostage noirs, and claustrophobic film settings.

20,000 years in sing sing

20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932): 11/05, 7:45AM: In what would later be filmed as Castle on the Hudson (1940), this early pre-code prison film tells the story about gangster Spencer Tracy going to prison and seeing what terror is there. For fans of: pre-code prison movies, early Tracy leads, and comparing films to their remakes.

hard to handle

Hard to Handle (1933): 11/07, 2:30PM: Fun James Cagney pre-code flair casts Cagney as his usual scheming man who goes from one get-rich-quick scheme to another, which include a dance marathon and a grapefruit diet. For fans of: pre-code Cagney vehicles, Warner Bros. programmers, and Claire Dodd other women.


Hollywood My Hometown (1965): 11/07, 7:00PM: Eye-popping look into Hollywood stars through the years with Ken Murray showcasing his home movies that he took of his friends behind the scenes and at their houses. For fans of: seeing film stars off the screen, classic film documentaries, and classic Hollywood glamour.

journey to italy

Journey to Italy (1954): 11/09, 9:45PM: Excellent study of marriage with Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders traveling to Italy and finding that they can’t communicate with each other and are basically strangers to one another. For fans of: Roberto Rossellini directing Bergman, Italian film settings, and neo-realism cinema.

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