Weekly TCM Suggestions: 6/10 2019 – 6/16 2019

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Hollow Triumph (1948) Monday 6/10 11:45 AM

Hollow Triumph

Good roles for both Paul Henreid and Joan Bennett in this far-fetched but intriguing suspenser where conman Henreid murders his look-alike in order to live in his shoes. Good ending helps cap it off.

Small Town Girl (1953) Thursday 6/13 2:00 AM

Small Town Girl 2

Jane Powell plays the daughter of the town sheriff who falls for Farley Granger’s playboy jailed for speeding. Nat “King” Cole has a good guest number, but the film’s highlight is Bobby Van’s dance number with him consistently jumping through town like a kangaroo.

Destination Tokyo (1943) Friday 6/14 3:30 AM

Destination Tokyo

WWII sub film has a terrific cast including Cary Grant and John Garfield in the lead roles, plus some exciting scenes. The film is heavy-handed at times, but it is so enjoyable that it is hard not to be won over by the results.

Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) Saturday 6/15 9:45 PM

Cleo from 5 to 7

One of Agnès Varda’s essential films may not please casual moviegoers for its intimate and slightly self-indulgent look at a woman waiting for her medical results, but movie fans will find lots to like. This includes a humorous silent film tribute featuring French stars in cameos.

Pickup on South Street (1953) Sunday 6/16 12:00 AM & 11:45 AM

Pickup on South Street

One of the all-time great film noirs is a gritty and captivating feature about a pickpocket getting mixed-up in a communist ring. The main characters are jaded yet you cannot help but love them and Samuel Fuller’s always-tough direction is right at home.


Bianca’s Suggestions:

rich, young and pretty

Rich, Young and Pretty (1951): 6/13, 4:00AM: Another fluffy and fun MGM vehicle for Jane Powell has her as the daughter of a wealthy rancher (Wendell Corey), who goes to Paris and finds love and her long-lost mother (Danielle Darrieux). For fans of: Vic Damone, films about Paris, and MGM musicals.

flying leathernecks

Flying Leathernecks (1951): 6/13, 4:00PM: John Wayne and Robert Ryan clash over their commanding styles in this air force film where they’re in the pacific where tensions rise, and friendships are put to the test. For fans of: WWII films, Wayne war films, and Nicholas Ray.

tiger shark

Tiger Shark (1932): 6/14, 6:30PM: Warner Bros. formula that would be used several more times has Edward G. Robinson lose his arm to the title creature and marry Zita Johann, but she falls for his best friend, Richard Arlen. For fans of: Robinson parts, sharks, and love triangle plots.


The Mummy (1959): 6/15, 4:00AM: Hammer horror takes on the classic Mummy tale with Peter Cushing learning about the ancient mummy (Christopher Lee) that was discovered and what happens when it comes alive. For fans of: Hammer studios, Cushing and Lee together, and period horror.

13 west street

13 West Street (1962): 6/16, 1:45AM: One of Alan Ladd’s final films is a precursor to the Death Wish stories where he is attacked by some hoodlums and seeks vengeance when they threaten his family. For fans of: revenge films, juvenile delinquent plots, and neo-noirs of the 1960s.

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