Weekly TCM Suggestions: 11/12 2018 – 11/18 2018

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933) Monday 11/12 3:15 PM

Mary Stevens M.D.

Kay Francis plays a determined woman doctor who is in love with fellow doctor Lyle Talbot and employs friendly nurse Glenda Farrell. Complications arise both in situations of love and Francis being a woman in a male populated profession in interesting melodrama.

Smart Blonde (1937) Monday 11/12 8:00 PM

Smart Blonde

The first Torchy Blane movie has Glenda Farrell aid her cop boyfriend Barton MacLane in solving a murder case. Like many Warner Bros. programmers, it is snappy and amusing with nice character in the lead roles.

Vigil in the Night (1940) Tuesday 11/13 8:30 AM

Vigil in the Night

Potentially ultra-dramatic material is expertly handled by fine cast and George Stevens as director in story of Carole Lombard as a dedicated nurse. Anne Shirley plays her nurse sister, Brian Aherne plays her doctor colleague, and yes, that’s Peter Cushing in a small role.

The Spanish Main (1945) Saturday 11/17 6:00 AM

Spanish Main

Watchable escapism uses color wonderfully in typical sea-faring plot of Paul Henreid as a pirate trying to woo lady Maureen O’Hara who is engaged to Walter Slezak. The charm of the actors lifts it above usual adventure flicks and Binnie Barnes has a good role as a cross-dressing pirate.

The Last Voyage (1960) Saturday 11/17 2:45 PM

Last Voyage

Thrilling movie details the sinking of a luxury ship (which the moviemakers really did sink for realism) and how the passengers and crew attempt to escape. Excellent cast of actors add flair to the already exciting proceedings.


Bianca’s Suggestions:

make way for a lady

Make Way for a Lady (1936): 11/12, 6:00AM: Fun Anne Shirley comedy where she’s a high school student who wants to set up her bachelor father (Herbert Marshall) with a woman, she just picks the wrong woman. For fans of: adolescent stars, matchmaking films, and RKO programmers.


Go Into Your Dance (1935): 11/12, 12:15PM: The only teaming of then husband-and-wife Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler is a snappy Warner Bros. musical that also includes Glenda Farrell and Helen Morgan in the cast. For fans of: Warren-Dubin songs, Warner Bros. stock character actors, and Jolson singing.

vigil in the night 2

Vigil in the Night (1940): 11/13, 8:30AM: Carole Lombard is excellent in this medical drama where she plays a young nurse whose sister (Anne Shirley) is constantly getting into trouble while trying to be a nurse too. For fans of: dramatic Lombard, young Peter Cushing, and medical films.

wild north

The Wild North (1952): 11/14, 7:15AM: This exciting MGM film stars Stewart Granger as a man-on-the-run who is pursued by Wendell Corey in the snowy terrain. But what happens when the “white madness” strikes? For fans of: lovely location filming, cat and mouse plots, and Granger adventure flicks.

kentucky kernels

Kentucky Kernels (1934): 11/16, 12:15AM: Wheeler and Woolsey star in this funny slapstick comedy where they go to the south and wind up in the middle of an old feud between families while Bert romances Mary Carlisle. For fans of: classic comedy teams, Spanky McFarland, and slapstick finales.

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