Weekly TCM Suggestions: 11/5 2018 – 11/11 2018

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Alexander Nevsky (1938) Monday 11/5 2:00 AM

Alexander Nevsky

Sergei M. Eisenstein’s epic Russian war film of a modest Russian army fighting off German invaders which is used as an allegory for pre-WWII tensions between both nations. The long climactic battle takes place on a frozen lake and it is visually lively.

Ride the High Country (1962) Tuesday 11/6 10:45 AM

Ride the High Country

Both Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott have two of their best roles as aging gunslingers with McCrea trying to go straight and Scott up to his usual tricks. Sam Peckinpah directs this visually stunning and memorably violent western that is a great vehicle for its two pros.

Outrage (1950) Wednesday 11/7 2:45 PM


Ida Lupino sensitively handles the story of a young woman who becomes a rape victim which haunts her to the point where she runs away from home. Well-done for the time period with Mala Powers giving a believable central performance.

Hell Below (1933) Friday 11/9 1:45 PM

Hell Below

Melodramatic WWI movie gets intense, claustrophobic, and interesting during the submarine scenes. Robert Montgomery plays a seaman who battles his captain Walter Huston both on land and at sea.

The Threat (1949) Sunday 11/11 12:00 AM & 10:00 AM


Fast-paced and rough “B” film noir has the grainy-voiced Charles McGraw play an escaped prisoner who holds all those that helped put him away hostage. At about an hour’s length, this film noir never lightens up and can keep the tension going from start to finish.


Bianca’s Suggestions:

heat lightning

Heat Lightning (1934): 11/05, 5:30PM: Aline MacMahon is amazing like always and gets to be the star of this pre-code where she and her sister (Ann Dvorak) run a gas station/hotel where different characters stop by. For fans of: fast-paced Warner Bros. pre-codes, character actors, and Warner Bros. stock of supporting actors.


The Blot (1921): 11/07, 6:30AM: Lois Weber directs this interesting silent starring Louis Calhern and Claire Windsor. The film shows how the rich can spread their wealth on those less fortunate to help their community. For fans of: silent melodramas, women directors, and Calhern characters.

outrage 2

Outrage (1950): 11/07, 2:45PM: This incredibly ahead-of-its-time drama was directed by Ida Lupino and stars Mala Powers giving an excellent performance as a woman who suffers from post trauma after surviving an assault. For fans of: Lupino behind the camera, social issue films, and realistic pictures of women.

cross country romance

Cross Country Romance (1940): 11/08, 2:15PM: This delightful romantic comedy is done in the tradition of It Happened One Night with Wendy Barrie running away from her boorish fiancé and hitching a ride with Gene Raymond. For fans of: Hedda Hopper acting, variations of the classic romantic comedy plot, and RKO programmers.


The Threat (1949): 11/11, 12:00AM and 10:00AM: This exciting film noir stars Charles McGraw perfectly cast as a man who escapes from prison and wants revenge on those who sent him up and he holds them hostage. For fans of: quick noirs, McGraw tough guys, and claustrophobic films.

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