Weekly TCM Suggestions: 10/15 2018 -10/21 2018

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Public Hero No. 1 (1935) Wednesday 10/17 10:30 AM

Public Hero No 1

Mixture of prison escape yarn and comedy may feel unusual, but Chester Morris and Jean Arthur make likable leads and the movie holds onto the viewer’s attention throughout. Lionel Barrymore memorably plays a drunk.

The Old Dark House (1932) Wednesday 10/17 8:00 PM

Old Dark House

Obviously one of the most iconic “old dark house” films puts a group of travelers together in a mysterious house after a storm hits. Film plays up the creeps while also not taking itself too seriously making it stand-out from many chillers of its type.

Roughshod (1949) Thursday 10/18 10:15 AM


Enjoyable western has brothers Robert Sterling and Claude Jarman Jr. take in a group of saloon girls as they travel the landscape and avoid escaped convicts that have it out for Sterling. Agreeable cast compliments this oater.

Two Seconds (1932) Friday 10/19 12:45 PM

Two Seconds

Edward G. Robinson gives an astonishing performance as a man on death row with flashbacks to his life beforehand in the two seconds it takes him to die in the electric chair. Melodramatic to say the very least, but you certainly won’t forget Robinson.

Patterns (1956) Saturday 10/20 8:00 PM


Wonderful drama on the corporate world scripted by Rod Serling offers great, believable performances from Van Heflin, Ed Begley, and Everett Sloane. Boss Sloane hires Heflin while humiliating old employee Begley in this gripping account.


Bianca’s Suggestions:

affair in trinidad

Affair in Trinidad (1952): 10/16, 10:00PM: Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth create fireworks once again in this film noir about a man who investigates the death of his brother and meets his wife (Hayworth). For fans of: famous film chemistry, Hayworth dancing, and noirs of the ‘50s.

PUBLIC HERO NO. 1 (1935)

Public Hero No. 1 (1935): 10/17, 10:30AM: This entertaining film combines crime, drama, romance, and comedy in a neat little package with undercover cop Chester Morris escaping from prison with Joseph Calleia and falling for his sister (Jean Arthur). For fans of: spunky Arthur, undercover films, and Lionel Barrymore character roles.


Roughshod (1949): 10/18, 10:15AM: A most entertaining western that stars Robert Sterling and Claude Jarman, Jr. as two brothers who stumble upon some dance-hall girls out west and avoid vengeful escaped prisoners. For fans of: character driven westerns, women in the west, and noir westerns.

two seconds

Two Seconds (1932): 10/19, 12:45PM: Edward G. Robinson gives a bravura performance in this early pre-code vehicle. He plays a riveter who falls for a cheap taxi-dancer and goes downhill fast when he marries her. For fans of: uniquely plotted films, Robinson showcases, and Warner Bros. snap.


Patterns (1956): 10/20, 8:00PM: This excellent glimpse into the business world stars Van Heflin as the new man hired by Everett Sloane, who witnesses the brutal treatment older employee Ed Begley receives. For fans of: harsh looks into business, acting tour-de-forces, and Rod Sterling writing.

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