Weekly TCM Suggestions: 10/8 2018 – 10/14 2018

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Nowhere to Go (1958) Thursday 10/11 9:45 AM

Nowhere to Go

Intense British noir of burglar George Nader on the run from the law and hiding out with Maggie Smith (in her film debut). Many memorable moments and elements in this adult thriller including a solid climax.

Crime in the Streets (1956) Thursday 10/11 2:30 PM

Crime in the Streets 2

Great cast of performers are all given a lot of time to show-off their skills in juvenile delinquent film. John Cassavetes, Sal Mineo, and Mark Rydell are a trio of street gang members and James Whitmore is the social worker attempting to reform them.

Screwball Squirrel (1944) Saturday 10/13 8:00 AM

Screwball Squirrel

Tex Avery’s first cartoon about a rude and nutty squirrel named Screwy. Avery detested Screwy as a character, but fans of cartoons cannot help but find him mean-spirited but highly amusing as he was a cartoon smart guy cranked up to eleven.

The Damned Don’t Cry (1950) Sunday 10/14 12:30 AM and 10:00 AM

Damned Don't Cry

Joan Crawford gives a fantastic performance as a woman going from her small-town beginnings to becoming a society moll. David Brian, Kent Smith, Steve Cochran, and Richard Egan are all the men in her life.

Three on a Match (1932) Sunday 10/14 8:45 AM

Three on a Match

Classic pre-code programmer following three childhood friends reconnecting in adulthood where their lives take interesting turns. Ann Dvorak steals the film as a bored, rich wife and mother who ditches her safe life for more excitement.

Bianca’s Suggestions:


The Journey (1959): 10/10, 2:15PM: This intriguing tale shows several people being detained in Hungary and how one of the people (Deborah Kerr) becomes attracted to officer keeping them there (Yul Brynner). For fans of: Jason Robards, films on Communism in the ‘50s, and The King and I (1956).

nowhere to go

Nowhere to Go (1958): 10/11, 9:45AM: George Nader is excellent in this British thriller/noir where he’s a robber who hides out from the cops with the help of lovely Maggie Smith, in her film debut. For fans of: jazz scores, British crime films, and Smith.

crime in the streets

Crime in the Streets (1956): 10/11, 2:30PM: John Cassavetes shows why he became a star in this late city noir about juvenile delinquency where the bitter Cassavetes is tempted into a life of crime. For fans of: ‘50s adolescent films, youthful talent, and social dramas.

navy blues

Navy Blues (1941): 10/12, 7:30AM: With a score by Arthur Schwartz and Johnny Mercer, this fun Warner Bros. musical combines humor with music. Ann Sheridan plays a singer in Hawaii who tangles with the fleet there. For fans of: military musicals, Sheridan’s oomph, and Martha Raye humor.

saint in london

The Saint in London (1939): 10/13, 10:09AM: One of the finest of the series, George Sanders goes to London to solve more crime under the pseudonym of The Saint with the help of intrigued socialite Sally Gray. For fans of: film series, comedy-mysteries, and Sanders in the lead.

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