Weekly TCM Suggestions: 5/29 2017 – 6/4 2017

Virginia’s Suggestions:

Tiger Shark (1932) Tuesday 5/30 6:15 AM

Tiger Shark

Edward G. Robinson is his usual solid self playing a Portuguese seaman who marries a girl but she marries him due to pity and gratitude. Richard Arlen plays his best friend who she actually falls in love with.

The Half Naked Truth (1933) Thursday 6/1 8:45 AM

Half Naked Truth

Funny pre-code flick has Lee Tracy well-cast as a carnival pitchman who tries to push girlfriend Lupe Velez into fame. As one would suspect, Tracy and Velez do a great job matching one another.

The Cat and the Fiddle (1934) Thursday 6/1 10:15 AM

Cat and the Fiddle

Delightful comedy-musical is perfectly cast (and filled with fun pre-code moments) with Ramon Novarro as a poor composer and Jeanette MacDonald as the singer he falls for. The top-notch supporting cast includes a hilarious Charles Butterworth as Novarro’s closest friend.

There Goes My Heart (1938) Friday 6/2 5:00 AM

There Goes My Heart

Typical storyline is given a pass thanks to the humorous execution and funny performances supplied by the cast. Patsy Kelly is a riot as Virginia Bruce’s roommate and funnyman Harry Langdon has a small role.

Hitler’s Madman (1943) Friday 6/2 10:30 AM

Hitler's Madman

Memorable WWII propaganda film certainly does a great job portraying the Nazis as evil human beings who terrorize a Czech village (based on real-life events). This is the film that helped put director Douglas Sirk on the map to American executives and audiences.

Bianca’s Suggestions:

dirty dozen

The Dirty Dozen (1967): 5/29, 5:15PM: One of the most entertaining war pictures stars Lee Marvin as a man who does a dangerous mission with men in prison, promising a parole if they live. For fans of: great ‘60s films, all-star casts, and WWII films.

it started in naples

It Started in Naples (1960): 5/30, 8:00PM: This atmospheric romantic comedy stars Clark Gable as a man who discovers he has a son, but has to get through the kid’s aunt Sophia Loren first. For fans of: location filming, ’60s romantic comedies, and later Gable films.

half naked truth

The Half Naked Truth (1932): 6/01, 8:45AM: The always energetic Lee Tracy stars as a scheming carnival barker who makes his main attraction (Lupe Velez) into a star by pretending she’s of royalty. For fans of: pre-code comedy, fast-paced one-liners, and spoofs of Broadway.

there goes my heart

There Goes My Heart (1938): 6/02, 5:00AM: Fredric March and Virginia Bruce make an irresistible team in this screwball comedy where she’s a runaway heiress who works in her father’s department store. For fans of: Patsy Kelly, ‘30s screwball comedies, and runaway heiress films.


Hitler’s Madman (1943): 6/02, 10:30AM: This powerful, hard-hitting war drama has John Carradine playing a real-life Nazi whose evil doings on a small town begins an uprising against him. For fans of: WWII in Europe, memorable villains, and Douglas Sirk direction.

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