Weekly TCM Suggestions: 4/17 2017 – 4/23 2017

Virginia’s Suggestions:

The Sundowners (1960) Monday 4/17 3:00 PM


Good-looking and incredibly well-acted film about an Australian family focuses on the father’s (Robert Mitchum) desire to travel and not be tied down meanwhile the mother (Deborah Kerr) wants more than anything a place to call home. The supporting cast of characters is lots of fun and many moments will make even jaded viewers smile.

Stolen Holiday (1937) Wednesday 4/19 9:30 PM

Stolen Holiday

One of Kay Francis and Ian Hunter’s many likable pairings together has to two of them fall in love although Francis is already married to con-man Claude Rains in order to help him escape the law. Light film is highly watchable and full of class the way only old Hollywood can do it.

Dear Heart (1964) Friday 4/21 5:45 PM

Dear Heart

Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page are both great as two lonely middle-aged people who come together when they share a hotel. Michael Anderson Jr. and Angela Lansbury have memorable supporting roles in this impossible to hate comedy-romance.

Cluny Brown (1946) Sunday 4/23 12:00 PM

Cluny Brown

Excellent Ernst Lubitsch comedy of class differences is constantly funny and charming with a perfectly cast group of players including leads Charles Boyer and Jennifer Jones who both show a true knack for comedy. Top-notch support includes Richard Haydn and Una O’Connor who steal all of their scenes as Jones’ fiancé and pending mother-in-law.

The Great Man (1956) Sunday 4/23 8:00 PM

Great Man

This movie covers up the name of Arthur Godfrey in this tale of a TV personality who dies with reporter Jose Ferrer (who also directed) doing a story on him and finding out what type of person he truly was. Does the general public deserve to know the truth? Julie London, Kennan Wynn, and Ed Wynn all have great moments.

Bianca’s Suggestions:


Bedlam (1946): 4/18, 9:45AM: This Val Lewton chiller has the interesting background of a mental institution where sane Anna Lee is sent after she rebels against society. For fans of: Lewton films, Boris Karloff villains, and depictions of the mental ill.

stolen holiday

Stolen Holiday (1937): 4/19, 9:30PM: Kay Francis gets to show off some of her best dresses in this entertaining romance where she falls for Ian Hunter, but also owes Claude Rains, who made her a designer. For fans of: famous movie couples, the great Rains, and Warner Bros. women’s pictures.

dear heart

Dear Heart (1964): 4/21, 5:45PM: A delightful romance starring Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page, who meet at a hotel where she’s at a convention and he’s there to meet the woman he’s going to marry. For fans of: ‘60s romances, great supporting casts, and quirky characters.


Wilson (1944): 4/22, 3:00PM: One of the finest biopics of the time period tells the tale of how Woodrow Wilson got into politics and strived for peace, which was undermined by some fellow politicians. Alexander Knox gives a magnificent performance. For fans of: classic film biographies, politics, and great film speeches.

cluny brown

Cluny Brown (1946): 4/23, 12:00PM: This funny Lubitsch romantic-comedy stars the wonderful Charles Boyer as a refugee who falls for orphaned plumber Jennifer Jones as the film mocks society and courtships. For fans of: Richard Haydn, Lubitsch innuendos, and post WWII films.

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